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About Us

Welcome to the MegaLowMart 3D printing community where it is our goal to assist you in materializing your creative ideas. With the help of individuals like you, we hope to combine the spirit of hands-on mentality, creativity, and teamwork to build a community of unique and prosperous minds.

We know that your imagination knows no bounds; and in a world where seeing is believing, we are here to help your business or hobby ideas realize its full potential by: reducing delivery time, lowering production costs, and improving overall design quality.

We know that you value quality results for your time, and as such, the “Low” in “MegaLowMart” stands for low tolerance. Filament tolerance is often overlooked, yet it is the most important component when choosing a filament as it represents the potential for a finished product. Our filaments are made from high purity pellets with low filament diameter variance, which ultimately translates to finer calibration and superior finished products. Not only do we make it our mission to offer consistent filaments, but we strive to consistently offer you the lowest prices for 3D printing material on the web.  

The MegaLowMart 3D printing team is composed of passionate and dynamic individuals who are ready to help and learn from our customers to inspire new designs and realize new visions. Coming from a long-standing 3D printing background, our team of enthusiasts promises to actively engage and welcome you to share with us your 3D printing experiences.