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3d printer filament recycler

What happens when you are in need of a high-quality filament and all of a sudden you find “Sorry, it's out of stock”? I am sure you won't like to wait for the new one, therefore many leading companies have come up with the concept of reuse and recycling plastic printing filaments, be it ABS or PLA. In the recent years, procedures like reuse & recycling are adopted by many and recycling filaments is no exception.


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However recycling filament is not as easy as it sounds, there are companies which have tried before and failed in delivering successful results from a 3d printer filament recycler. And we at Megalomart strive hard in providing the best possible range of products and services from our doorsteps, be it delivering high-end printing materials or anything else.


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Why Buy Recycled Filament?


Current chances are there that you may find new 3D printing filaments costly and recycling makes filaments quite cost effective. Apart from this proper waste reduction, saving the environment, quality results are some of the additional benefits of using such high quality recycled products.


How does a 3d printer filament recycler work?


The main objective of using a 3d printer filament recycler is to produce a filament that flows easily through your printer. Now the process of recycling is currently divided into 4 simple steps:-

Collecting and cleaning- First of all, before making a new filament, make sure you are using a single material. PLA and ABS are one of the two most plastics commonly used these days. On and all when recycling old filaments it always advisable to use similar products for good results.


Shredding- The next step is to shred the materials into small pieces. It is done so that you can fit the parts into the shredder properly. Shredding is a process which can be done in whatever way you like as far as the material is made into sufficient pieces.


Extruding- Here is the time when your filament is actually created by a 3d printer filament recycler.


Printing- The final step is all about using your filament to print finest quality stuff.


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