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3d printer filament guide


Today the world strives for technical advancement, and speaking about the printing technology, we all know at what pace it is growing and developing. 3D printers are quite in demand these days, from school projects to shop and businesses. Everybody is using this device of creating a unique range of three-dimensional objects such as acoustic guitar, cars, lego building blocks and so forth.


Now choosing the right quality 3D printing filament is really a tough choice to make, but you need to understand that “the right to choose your path is a sacred privilege, use it and dwell it possibly.” At Megalowmart, we offer a prominent range of 3D printing materials such as ABS and PLA, but before you buy one, understand the basics!


So if you aim to buy superior quality products for your printer, then look no further than us...


Take a walk through this short 3d printer filament guide....


What is a filament? A filament is a conducting wire or thread heated at a high melting point to offer a quality range of three-dimensional prints. Filaments are generally available in two types or thermoplastics, i.e. ABS & PLA. Why thermoplastics, you may ask? Once you heat these thermoplastics, they become malleable so that you can easily mould them into different shapes before cooling.


Unlike those ink cartridges used in inkjet and laser printers, 3D printers use this kind of thermoplastics as their 3D printer filament.


ABS- ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is nothing but an oil-based plastic mostly used for constructing strong and durable things such as car parts, musical instruments, lego building and so forth. ABS requires to print at a high melting point and a print bed, this is the reason why several homes do not use such kind of 3D printer filament.


PLA- PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) made from natural and an organic material called corn starch and sugarcane is a biodegradable thing which can be used in the most safer and easier manner. PLA is such a 3D printer filament, which gives a smoother and a shinier appearance. PLA might seem a better choice at first but remember it has a far low melting point than ABS. 



 If I would summarize my 3D printer filament guide, then it goes like...

Choosing a 3D printer filament ABS will offer you better structural integrity and more mechanically used while PLA gives you more precise prints with a better aesthetic quality.